We build SEO authority with pure white hat link building tactics for some of the largest companies on earth, America's most exciting startups, and everything in between.

Link Building the way you would do it if you had:

A large, well-trained outreach team to do it in-house

The technology stack to execute on thousands of personalized conversations every week

The data and know-how that comes from building tens of thousands of natural links

Here's how our link building service works:

Before we engage with your business, we do substantial work free of charge to evaluate your current rankings profile and identify key white hat link building opportunities that we can pursue sustainably over long amounts of time. Not every business is a fit, and if we don’t think we can be successful, we’ll tell you.

Our white hat link building service is sold in blocks of 40 hours so we’re not trading dollars for links. Depending on how many blocks of outreach you’re using, you’ll be assigned a team of:

Outreach Specialists

One or more Outreach Specialists, who are primarily responsible for the day-to-day execution of outreach campaigns on your behalf

Outreach Leads

One or more Outreach Leads overseeing the account and helping to drive strategy for maximum impact

Copywriting Support

Copywriting support from our in-house content team to help facilitate with outreach tactics that require significant editorial work

If possible, we get set up with email addresses on your normal email domain, where we’ll represent ourselves as an extension of the company. This is the most effective approach when white hat link building, but if it’s not possible we have other ways as well.

Your outreach team goes into a continuous cycle of:

Ideation for new campaigns and tactics

Based on Inseev's historical data and your marketing direction

Prospecting for opportunities

Across dozens of tactics using different tools and methodologies

Researching and establishing contact points and contact details

The art is in finding the right person at the right level to ask

Conducting outreach

Sending individualized messages from an outbox

Follow up cadence

Tailored from experience, we get most of our responses on the 2nd or 3rd try

You get a constantly running tracker showing placed links and other metrics at your request, so you always know how we’re doing. If we don’t get you at least 5 high quality links per block of outreach, we’ll keep going until we do. Most of the time we significantly exceed that number.

Here are just a handful of white-hat link building tactics we employ:

Broken link building

Unlinked brand mentions

Link jacking

Same domain link sculpting

Pitching content as a resource

Journalist query responses


Editorial contributor relationships

Blogger collaborations

Organizational discounts

Download our whitepaper to learn more about our annual research and planning projects.

We Have the Know-how to Drive

Over 15,000 new linking root domains built for clients.

Average all-time domain authority of links earned is 45 at time of placement.

We've navigated relationships with over 100 internal and external PR teams for maximum link development results.

All prospecting & outreach executed by college educated people here in California.

Prospecting and outreach done entirely by hand with carefully customized messages, protecting your reputation and abiding by CANSPAM law.

Unmatched datasets from thousands of micro-campaigns across industries, tactics, and recognition levels let us predict the future from the past and build perfect plans.

Ability to execute across dozens of outreach tactics in a flexible and effective way.

We only build links that add value through relationships. No placements you can just sign up for.

Case Studies

Putting it all together has produced hundreds of satisfied Inseev SEO clients, and consistently impressive results for our clients, who range from startups to fortune 50 brands:

Client Review

Having come to Inseev Interactive after frustration with the work from other agencies, I was skeptical because no one seemed to be able to tell us how to get the results we wanted. Inseev’s SEO audit and strategy creation helped to uncover issues that were overlooked by other agencies and built a plan that focused on the lowest hanging fruit first.

– Chantelle Neep |
Road Runner Sports

Link Building Service FAQs

We execute on a number of white hat link building strategies that play to your company and content strengths. We start by reviewing strategies with your internal team to make sure that we are aligned on our outreach efforts and methods of execution. After an agreed upon strategy, we document link placements in real time to give you the most up to date view of work being fulfilled. We conduct outreach on a personalized basis with helpful and relevant requests depending on what strategies we are utilizing. We provide thought leadership and traditional PR techniques to secure organic links for your website that drive real authority.
Link building is the practice of acquiring backlinks to your website with the intent of increasing your authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Link building supports the authority consideration of Google’s algorithm. The algorithm attempts to establish your website’s level of credibility. One of the signals it uses to do this is how many other websites are linking back to your website (these are known as backlinks). Acquiring more links to your site, improves your ability to rank organically on the search results page.
A link builder is a dedicated account person in charge of acquiring backlinks to your website. Link builders conduct a high volume of outreach on your behalf and are familiar with your service, branding guidelines, partnerships and more. They act as an internal PR person would, making sure to represent alignment within your brand.
We use a variety of different tactics and are constantly looking for ways to leverage our pitch templates and the ways we incentivize sites to link back to your business. When we kick off services we will walk you through each of the strategies we utilize and determine if it’s the right fit for your brand. We will then send you a recap email outlining which strategies we agreed on. We track data over the course of the campaigns and scale on the approaches that yield the best results. We constantly assess campaign viability and make adjustments as needed.
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