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Building a loyal base of followers on social media is resource intensive and, at times, simply overwhelming.  And with 500 million tweets being sent out per day, it may seem next to impossible for your brand to be found by consumers in the fast paced, microblogging Twittersphere.  But with 302 million active users, from a marketing perspective, this platform is just far too large to ignore.  Imagine being able to target a potential customer that is on-the-go, directly on their cell phone.  Or appearing alongside or within every one of the 302 million active users timeline’s and noted as a popular and emerging trend.  This type of exposure could do wonders for your company, and when sound strategy is executed efficiently, it is certainly obtainable for your business.

Our twitter marketing services work with your brand to promote and amplify its core message and values.  With Twitter announcing in early 2015 updates to their timeline algorithm to show relevant content as opposed to linear updates, it’s never been more important that your brand be able to resonate with its target audience.  One of the most effective and efficient ways to tap into this pool of consumers and influencers is through Twitter paid advertising.



Why Should You Advertise on Twitter?

First and foremost, one of the best reasons to utilize Twitter paid advertising is their return on investment efficiencies.  If your company is already participating in Google AdWords management, there’s a good chance you’re competing in a highly competitive marketplace, incurring large costs per lead.  However, Twitter promotion services can easily result in the same amount of leads (if not more) at a much lower cost to you.  The reason behind this is simple – less competition results in less wasted spend.  Additionally, Twitter offers three distinct ways to advertise on their platform: promoted trends, promoted tweets, and promoted accounts.

Promoted Trends – While certainly the most expensive advertising option that Twitter offers, promoted trends have the ability to get your brand or message seen by the masses, often making this the highest ROI option available when taking into consideration CPM metrics.

Promoted Tweets – This advertising option gives your company the opportunity to be seen by users that might otherwise not be exposed to your tweets.  With the ability to segment by interests, gender, location, device, and followers, this method is paid for on a cost per engagement basis – i.e. earning favorites, retweets, replies, or new followers.

Promoted Accounts – Separate from the aforementioned promoted tweets, promoted accounts appear above a user’s “Who to Follow” area on their Twitter homepage.  As an advertiser, you can segment your audience by interests, gender, location, and followers.

Regardless of your Twitter paid advertising strategy, this platform presents your company the opportunity to earn new followers and promote direct links to products, landing pages, and even sign-up forms, all to potential new customers that may have never even heard of your brand before.

Lead Generation Cards

One of the most unique aspects of Twitter paid advertising is what they refer to as a “Lead Generation Card”.  Essentially, this is a streamlined opt-in service integrated within the Twitter newsfeed.  It gives your target audience the opportunity to learn more about your brand or services in exchange for their contact information.  Twitter automatically populates your lead generation card with the users’ contact information, which yields much higher acquisition rates than when compared to the industry standard.  Twitter saves this contact information and gives you the opportunity to export it as a spreadsheet, or can integrate with some of the industry’s most popular CRM provides, including but not limited to: Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Marketo.

Give us a call today if you would like to learn more about how our Twitter marketing services can integrate with your current social media marketing and paid advertising strategies.

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