Case Study

Client Overview

Touch of Modern is an e-commerce app founded in 2012. The San Francisco based startup connects men to unique, new-to-market products not easily found at traditional retailers. The site curates 250+ new products daily, offering a fresh take on the traditional e-commerce model through product diversity.

Client: Touch of Modern


Business Type: E-Commerce


SEO Strategy Link Building

The Situation

When we were approached by discount product curation startup Touch of Modern in early 2015, they had already established themselves in the minds of consumers as one of the most interesting product sellers on the web. What they hadn’t done was place specific focus on their SEO profile. The marketing team was interested in exploring the potential of targeted search engine optimization efforts.

When we explained our process and showed the results we had been achieving for other clients, both organizations were equally excited about the partnership opportunity, and we started building out an organic search analysis and strategy. Our research project highlighted some key strategies that we have pursued. These are a few examples of the initiatives we took on in the early months of the partnership:

What Happened

Just over a year into the relationship at the creation of this case study, the performance of the campaign has been astronomical, and both parties are excited about how much opportunity lies ahead.

Within 3 months of starting the relationship, we doubled organic visibility, which had been stagnant for over a year prior to the inception of our campaign. Within 14 months of starting the relationship, we had increased organic visibility by a factor of 28x, and increased the number of keywords ranking in the top 20 positions in Google by over 10x from 529 when we started, to 6,127 14 months later.

According to SEMRush, the estimated cost of buying the monthly organic traffic in paid search moved from $732 per month to over $31,000 in free organic traffic.

Step 01

SEO Audit

As we do with all of our clients, we began by conducting a comprehensive SEO audit to analyze the website, the competitive marketplace, and the forward-looking opportunities available to Touch of Modern. We identified numerous on-page opportunities, technical fixes, and strategies employed by other firms in the industry that were driving strong results.

Step 02

Strategy Mapping

We also created a very broad reaching view of how other firms in the industry were building authority, and what kinds of sites were likely to link to flash sale and shopping discount sites.

Step 03

12 Month Plan

From there, we built a 12 month holistic SEO strategy aimed at achieving the organic rankings goals of the business. This included building out extensive content, modifying website architecture, implementing technical SEO changes and utilizing our white hat outreach-based digital PR programs to consistently increase the overall authority of the website.


After ~6 months of partnership we have started to see substantial non-brand growth, and Layla Sleep has favored very well in recent algorithm updates.

  • +2,465%

    +2,465% in Organic Visibility

  • +1,098%

    +1,098% Keywords Ranking in the Top 20

  • +4,393%

    +4,393% Keywords Ranking in the Top 10

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