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Search engines need to be able to access the pages on your website, and that means setting your site up to play by their rules.

The Inseev Approach to Accessibility & Indexability

We have extensive experience with large database-driven ecommerce websites, and probably every architectural issue that websites encounter. We can help with:

  • Website Migrations – When you create a new website or move onto a new platform, you need to be especially careful to maintain the maximum amount of search traffic possible. It is critical that you send all of the correct signals to search engines so that they can find pages on your new site and keep sending you traffic.
  • Duplicate Content – If your website has a structural issue that is causing indexation of the same content on multiple URLs, we can help you put the necessary directives in place to solve the issue.
  • Auditing – If you don’t know what any of this means, but you want to make sure that your bases are covered, we can audit your web property for all of the necessary components.

We also know that most websites are built on simple and effective technology, and we don’t waste your money focusing on your indexation and accessibility if there is no reason to.

If your business can benefit from technical SEO services, contact us for a no-pressure consultation.

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Brett Bastello

SEO Manager

Born in Long Island and raised in New Jersey, Brett graduated from the University of Pittsburgh where he spent time marketing with a hospitality development group. Currently specializing in off-page SEO, his favorite thing about the job is anything related to links: reverse engineering them, building them, and analyzing them. When he’s not behind a computer he can be found at a local concert with a drink in his hand and Nikes on his feet.

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