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PPC advertising (or Pay Per Click advertising) is one of the most measurable and cost effective advertising platforms available to you today.  At Inseev Interactive, our in-house team of San Diego PPC experts can custom tailor a paid search campaign to increase your leads and decrease your costs.  Specializing in Google AdWords management and Microsoft Bing Ads, we work diligently to ensure your advertising efforts are hyper focused – reaching the right people at exactly the right time.

Through our comprehensive knowledge of audience targeting and our proven track record of success, we are a PPC company in San Diego that can confidently say we will maximize your paid search advertising ROI. With extensive industry research and precise customer segmentation we eliminate wasteful spend and increase conversions. Additionally, our thorough understanding of the various display networks, in conjunction with our aggressive bid management practices, allows for us to secure you the most relevant and timely ad placements possible.
paid-search-advertisingPay Per Click search engine advertising is a huge industry because it works. There is nothing more powerful than putting an advertisement at the top of a search engine results page that is perfectly aligned with the desire of the searcher.  Additionally, PPC is the most measurable and testable marketing channel, and when you put the proper effort and attention towards honing the economics of PPC for your business, it can be extremely powerful.

By using our San Diego pay per click services, you give your website the chance to appear at the top of search engine result pages for keywords you normally would not rank for, presenting you the opportunity to be found by a surplus of customers that are eager to buy.  However, getting found is only half the battle:  our San Diego PPC management professionals will work tirelessly to ensure your ad text and landing pages are properly optimized and implement all industry best practices, which over time, can result in lower costs and higher ad placements.

Through our continual use of A/B testing we are able to maximize efficiency and provide detailed monthly reports, presenting you with knowledge and insights from a holistic campaign view down to a meticulous level.  Regardless of your service or industry, our San Diego PPC professionals are seasoned in keyword research, account structure, consumer targeting, and conversion tracking, allowing you to do what you do best – service your customers.

While some San Diego PPC management companies require possession of your paid advertising accounts, Inseev Interactive is committed to transparency and integrity.  We never take shortcuts like some of the “other guys” who implement automated software to haphazardly monitor your account.  Instead, our team of pay per click specialists applies critical thinking and deep analysis to your account on a daily basis, optimizing strategy though rigorous split testing.  We are devoted to keeping your campaigns completely accessible and transferable at any time, and are happy to provide campaign statistics and reports whenever requested.

The Inseev Approach to Paid Search Advertising

Most big agencies sell you a one-size-fits-all package for some predetermined amount of money each month. Then, they use automated software programs to manage the strategy, and spend very little human time on your account.

We put human eyes on your account every day, and we charge you for the exact amount of time that we spend on managing and optimizing your account.

We know that needs and goals are wildly different from business to business, and optimization efforts are drastically different in month one than they are in month ten. There is often significantly more effort required to optimize your strategy in the beginning months, and then once you have an optimal strategy things go into a maintenance cadence. We believe that our approach is the most effective, fair, and transparent way to provide search services custom fit to your business’ needs.

If you would like to learn more about how our San Diego Pay Per Click professionals can help you, send us an email or give us a call at (858) 272-2233.

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Born in Long Island and raised in New Jersey, Brett graduated from the University of Pittsburgh where he spent time marketing with a hospitality development group. Currently specializing in off-page SEO, his favorite thing about the job is anything related to links: reverse engineering them, building them, and analyzing them. When he’s not behind a computer he can be found at a local concert with a drink in his hand and Nikes on his feet.

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