PPC advertising (or Pay Per Click advertising) is one of the most measurable and cost effective advertising platforms available to you today.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Companies

Search engine advertising is a huge industry because it works. There is nothing more powerful than putting an advertisement at the top of a search engine results page that is perfectly aligned with the desire of the searcher. Additionally, PPC is the most measurable and testable marketing channel, and when you put the proper effort and attention towards honing the economics of PPC for your business, it can be extremely powerful.

Need a PPC Management Agency? We can help.

By using our San Diego pay per click services, you give your website the chance to appear at the top of search engine result pages for keywords you normally would not rank for, presenting you the opportunity to be found by a surplus of customers that are eager to buy.

However, getting found is only half the battle: our San Diego PPC management professionals will work tirelessly to ensure your ad text and landing pages are properly optimized and implement all industry best practices, which over time, can result in lower costs and higher ad placements.

The Inseev Approach to Paid Search Advertising

Most big agencies sell you a one-size-fits-all package for some predetermined amount of money each month. Then, they use automated software programs to manage the strategy, and spend very little human time on your account.We put human eyes on your account every day, and we charge you for the exact amount of time that we spend on managing and optimizing your account. We know that needs and goals are wildly different from business to business, and optimization efforts are drastically different in month one than they are in month ten. There is often significantly more effort required to optimize your strategy in the beginning months, and then once you have an optimal strategy things go into a maintenance cadence. We believe that our approach is the most effective, fair, and transparent way to provide search services custom fit to your business’ needs. If you’re interested in hearing more, contact us today.
Through our continual use of A/B testing we are able to maximize efficiency and provide detailed monthly reports, presenting you with knowledge and insights from a holistic campaign view down to a meticulous level. Regardless of your service or industry, our San Diego PPC professionals are seasoned in keyword research, account structure, consumer targeting, and conversion tracking, allowing you to do what you do best – service your customers.

While some San Diego PPC management companies require possession of your paid advertising accounts, Inseev Interactive is committed to transparency and integrity.

We never take shortcuts like some of the “other guys” who implement automated software to haphazardly monitor your account. Instead, our team of pay per click specialists applies critical thinking and deep analysis to your account on a daily basis, optimizing strategy though rigorous split testing.

We are devoted to keeping your campaigns completely accessible and transferable at any time, and are happy to provide campaign statistics and reports whenever requested.
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Google AdWords Management

When it comes to Paid Search Advertising, Google is King, and rightfully so. With over 1.2 million businesses advertising on the Google Search Network, competing for over 15 billion monthly searches in the United States alone, it’s important that your AdWords management company has a proven track record of success.

Through our extensive use of A/B testing and landing page optimization, our team works tirelessly to ensure innovative strategies are resulting in the highest possible Quality Score for all of your campaigns. By increasing your Quality Score, your ads will cost less money and reach more searchers, translating to a bigger bottom line for you and your business.

We understand that every advertising initiative is unique, which is why we begin each campaign with extensive keyword research. Once your keyword universe is mapped out, we then work to create the ad text using industry best practice ad formatting and powerful calls to action. By implementing conversion tracking, we are able to gain valuable insights into your customers’ behavior, allowing us to maximize our optimization efforts.

While some AdWords agencies use automated monitoring software in an attempt to reduce their costs and increase their markup on your account, it is simply not nearly as effective as having one of our trained AdWords specialists manually reviewing your account and applying deep analytical thinking on a daily basis.

With keyword competition more fierce than ever, it’s important to have a certified AdWords consultant working for you. Simply setting up a campaign and appearing in the auction is no longer enough, and our extensive understanding of the complexities of the AdWords platform will ensure your ads are appearing at the right time and for the right people. Through our use of match types, geo-targeting, negative keywords, bid management, and in-depth customer segmentation we strive to increase your impressions, drive clicks, and maximize conversions.

Microsoft Bing Ads Management

The Bing Ad network is one of the highest ROI paid search advertising platforms available today. Despite Google controlling a majority of the search engine market share, the Bing Ad Network is consistently gaining new users and advertisers alike. With partnerships in place between Bing, Yahoo, and Firefox, our team of Bing Ads accredited professionals can show you how your business can tap into their network of over 51 million unique users.

With fewer total advertisers competing for the same amount of keywords on Google, our strategic and proven approach to Bing Ads management will get your business seen by people looking to purchase. Less competition means less cost to you, and ultimately a greater impact on your bottom line.

Through an extensive process of competitor analysis, keyword mapping, campaign optimization, and bid management, our Bing Ads managers will place your business in front of the most amounts of people at the lowest cost to you.

This proven strategy, coupled with our utilization of high level targeting and segmentation, allows us to pinpoint specific demographics from age, gender, and location to interests, behavior, and culture.
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The Inseev Approach to Microsoft Bing Ads Management

Our Bing Ads accredited professionals understand that every industry and business is different, which is why we work diligently to truly understand your market and the psychology of the people behind it. We implement creative and actionable ad copy to drive real visitors to your website, while optimizing your landing pages to ensure these visitors convert into repeat customers for your company. Through our implementation of conversion tracking, our Bing Ad managers are able to gain valuable insights into your customer acquisition funnel, allowing us to monitor checkouts, form submissions, phone leads, and a multitude of other custom goals designed specifically around your ad campaign. Unlike some other Bing Ads agencies, here at Inseev Interactive we take pride in our customer satisfaction, which is why we provide comprehensive and in-depth monthly reports clearly highlighting exactly where and how your budget is being allocated. We will never require sole ownership of your Bing Ads account and strive to work with you as a partner for your search success, rather than just another SEO vendor. If you’re interested in hearing more, contact us today.

Paid Search FAQs

A Pay-Per-Click agency is responsible for managing marketing channels that involve the purchase of ads. These marketing channels generally include Search Ads (i.e. Google and Bing), Display (banners and graphics), Social (Instagram and Facebook), and Remarketing (2nd touch for potential customers who have engaged with your brand in some capacity). A PPC agency should conduct testing at the start of services to find the best target for your budget and audience. A PPC agency should regularly assess whether the cost to bid on that particular term will yield significant enough ROI to justify the spend. A qualified agency will regularly assess the ROI on your PPC strategy and adjust accordingly to ensure that your money is well spent.
PPC marketing works by charging a business an agreed upon dollar amount every time a potential customer clicks on their ad. A PPC Strategist is responsible for analyzing your company’s conversion rate and then determining an expected click-through-rate (CTR) on your ads. Based on these two data sets, your PPC Strategist should be able to identify an approximate amount of revenue your ads will generate. Once these assessments have been made, your PPC Strategist can bid on the ads that will yield the best ROI for your company.
PPC ads fall under the following channels:
  • Display
  • Social
  • Search (Google and other search engines) * our specialty
  • Remarketing
  • Local
PPC is a great marketing channel as it starts to yield results right away. As we mentioned, a PPC agency should conduct significant testing when kicking off your campaign. Due to this testing period, a PPC campaign will generally start to yield notable results after 90 days.
Determining whether PPC is right for your brand will require an in-depth analysis of your digital profile. We are happy to conduct this research, completely free of charge to determine if PPC is the right marketing channel for your spend.