With the explosion of link exploitation as a search engine ranking factor at the end of the ‘00’s, Google and the other search engines saw their result pages riddled with websites that were created whose sole purpose was to out-game the system, rather than provide users with useful and relevant information. However, on April 24, 2012, this all changed when Google announced their Penguin algorithm update.

Need help with link removal? We can help.

The Google Penguin update was released by Google to combat websites that break Google’s Webmaster Guidelines from appearing in their search results. Over the years since its inception, Penguin has received several updates from Google, mainly focusing on a website’s link profile, otherwise known as their backlinks. Although the mechanics to this algorithm and its updates has been kept secret to the public by Google, industry experts have noted that one of the biggest red flags is the accumulation of a high number of low-quality backlinks, usually in a short amount of time.

This signal can either trigger an automated, algorithmic penalty against your site, or worse, a manual inspection by one of Google’s webspam professionals. Manual penalty recovery is one of the hardest SEO obstacles to overcome, but our highly trained SEO consultants have the experience and track record to get your website ranking back where it belongs.


The Problem With Disavow Automation

Automated link removal services are untrustworthy and spotty at best, and have the potential to remove a high number of harmless backlinks, resulting in an even bigger drop to your website’s rankings. Conversely, manual link review and outreach is time consuming and tedious, taking your focus and efforts away from what matters most – servicing your customers.

The first step in your manual penalty recovery starts with a thorough investigation and link profile analysis. Through the use of 3 unique algorithmic web crawlers, we are able to compile a complete and accurate picture of your website’s backlink profile. With this information we are able to classify your backlinks into separate groupings of harm severity, ranging from harmless to extremely harmful.

With your link targets properly identified and segmented, our backlink removal specialists are able to manually reach out to the highest priority threats, showing good faith to Google, which is essential for manual penalty recovery. Once our manual outreach efforts have concluded, we begin to work on a progress report, which clearly illustrates our efforts and success. Based off this progress report, we are able to construct a disavow file that adheres to Google’s guidelines, which we can then upload through your Webmaster Tools account.