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Facebook Marketing Services

Social media has the power to turn companies and products into overnight sensations.

Facebook has without a doubt been the most innovative and influential of all the social media platforms, and currently has 71% of all American adults active on its network. The global influence it’s garnered over the years has expanded its reach beyond college campus socialites and into the forefront of businessmen and marketers alike. And while establishing your company’s presence on Facebook is a must, long gone are the days of hiring a college freshman to set up your profile and publish a post once every three to five days.


Over the past several years Facebook marketing services have expanded, elaborated, and evolved to include pages for businesses, retargeting services, sponsored and promoted posts, and side bar ads. Our team of highly trained Facebook consultants works with your brand to develop an advertising strategy to maximize your budget, combining a custom-tailored mix of options that aligns with the needs and wants of your target market.

Regardless of whether your Facebook page currently has a million fans or you’re looking to start building your online community and presence, our Facebook marketing services can help you reach this untapped audience of potential customers.

Generally consumers are hesitant to share personal information with companies and marketers; however the Facebook advertising manager allows your brand to reach its target audience with unparalleled precision, allowing you to segment by gender, age, location, interests, education, and much more. Likewise, with campaign monitoring and analytic insights, our Facebook consultants are able to learn valuable information into what is working within your campaign and what isn’t, aiding in our overall optimization efforts and strengthening your ROI.

Our Facebook marketing company takes a multi-pronged approach to your advertising endeavors which boosts your visibility, strengthens your customer engagement, and ultimately generates more leads for your business. And as Google works to integrate social signals into their ranking algorithm, Facebook can act as a important review platform, allowing your customers to rate your company and leave valuable feedback.


Start Using Our Facebook Marketing Services

Why is it Important to have a Facebook Page?

The cornerstone to any Facebook marketing campaign is your business’ fan page. Acquiring fans allows you to push content to their newsfeed, providing top of mind awareness which presents you the opportunity to move your consumers down the sales funnel. And while you’re targeting your loyal fans, any digital interaction they take with your page or content will be pushed onto their own personal network, furthering your reach and increasing your brand awareness.

However, aside from a strictly promotional sense, this fan page can act as the hub of your online community. It allows you to interact with your customers, giving you valuable insights into their needs and wants. Additionally, while interacting with your fan base, it allows your brand to get personal with its customers, which can further aid in your branding initiatives.

Furthermore, Facebook Insights offers details into your core audience, breaking down your fans by demographics and providing valuable information into your pages’ performance highlighting Fan Growth Acquisition and Total Post Reach, among many other KPI metrics.

Give us a call today to see how our Facebook marketing services can work with your current social media strategy.

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