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Paul Hardley
SEO Specialist

San Diego, CA


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Years in San Diego


Paul is a southern California native who bounced from San Bernardino after high school to Hawaii to work on a cruise ship for 2 years. When he decided to go back home to go to school, he set his eyes on San Diego to attend SDSU. He’s been proud to call San Diego his forever home but still has the urge to pack up and leave any chance he gets. One of his annual travel traditions is to take a week and go snowboarding up in Whistler, Canada.

When he isn’t grinding at work, you can find him geeking out over anything investment related. He spends his down time prospecting real estate investment deals, monitoring his portfolio, or doing anything else that might help him build a path to financial freedom. He is currently trying to get his real estate license as well as pass his series 7 test, so he can be qualified to share his knowledge and help others achieve the same.

Top Skills

  • Sales
  • Business Marketing
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Portfolio Investing

Odd Talents & Abilities

  • Competitive eater
  • Can survive on coffee
  • Great designated driver (stupid liver doesn’t break down alcohol)

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