Case Study

Client Overview

Ygrene is a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing company. PACE loans help homeowners pay for upgrades that increase energy efficiency. Ygrene operates primarily in California and Florida.

Client: Ygrene


Business Type: E-Commerce


Content Marketing Link Building Full Service Orchestrated SEO

The Situation

Ygrene was working with an SEO agency prior to engaging with Inseev. After a long relationship, they felt like the approach was lacking an overall strategy. More importantly, results were stagnant and underachieving goals. After demonstrating the Inseev full service orchestrated approach to SEO, the team felt like it was the right setup to provide the business direction and the service flexibility that fit perfectly with their needs. We moved forwards together excited about the new partnership.

What Happened

Being a direct to consumer financial product, our primary KPI is leads. For most lead gen companies, content truly is king. In comparison to an e-commerce company where editorial content will often have low conversion rates, content is the crux of the strategy for companies trying to collect user info or drive phone calls. Because the products that Ygrene finances are heavily researched before purchase, we knew that we could be successful in attacking informational keywords and converting traffic directly to interested leads.

Ygrene offers financing for a multitude of home improvement jobs, all focused on energy efficiency. From solar panels, to artificial turf, to double pane windows, there are hundreds of upgrade types they can help with. Knowing this, we needed to help focus our efforts and determine the best place to start.

During our research and strategy planning phase, we broke keywords down into four primary categories within the buyer’s journey.

In completing this exercise and mapping keywords to user intent, we were better able to prioritize keywords that were more likely to convert. It is extremely important to have a system in place at the start of the relationship to help prioritize a potentially massive keyword universe. Without one, it becomes difficult to sift through hours of keyword research and find the highest value opportunities that will not only benefit the customer, but also drive true business value through bottom-line KPIs. 

Below are some of the key strategies we implemented after starting on-going services that helped drive success for Ygrene.

Strategy 01

“PACE” Page Optimizations

After aligning the meta data of the page to match user intent and including keyword variations, we focused heavily on content. We increased the usage of “PACE” terms throughout the page and ensured that there was enough crawlable text for the search engine to build relevancy signals that would help it rank.

Next, we focused on creating an optimal internal linking structure focused specifically on this page. We added this page to the navigation and included relevant links from numerous blog posts pointing back to the PACE page. Lastly, we focused on off-page authority.

Strategy 02

Blog Strategy
(Editorial Content)

The primary focus and on-going work in the relationship has been centered on creating high-quality SEO content.

Our content process starts with a deep review of every post ranking above us. We dissect those posts for insights into what Google thinks users want to rank a query, and we create something better. Every piece of content starts with a Strategist aligning with business goals, pitching the content to the client, and then executing on deep research.

Our process for Ygrene follows the same path, and our goal is to compound on the editorial growth that is already occurring over time. As can be seen in our other case studies, continually growing the content profile takes on-going work that goes far beyond just content creation. Amplification and on-going optimizations are just as important as creating a high-quality piece of content up front.


Key KPIs:
  • +320%

    +320% increase in leads on the /what-is-pace page

  • +2333%

    +2333% increase in visibility on the /what-is-pace page

  • 50%

    +50% overall visibility growth

  • +38%

    +38% new user growth after 6 months of partnership

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