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The Situation

A well-known San Diego University approached Inseev Interactive to get an understanding of whether or not they might benefit from transitioning their paid search accounts from internal management to an agency.

Like many large organizations, different areas of the University were managing different advertising accounts, with different priorities and different levels of paid search management experience. In many cases the responsible stakeholders were stretched too thin with other responsibilities, and were happy to admit during the investigation phase that their PPC accounts were often not given the attention they deserved.

After having deep conversations with marketing leadership and individual stakeholders throughout different departments, both parties were convinced that there was substantial upside potential in putting it all under Inseev’s management for a year and gauging results.

The Inseev Approach

What we did to help

We started off with a laser focus on measuring and driving profitability, whereas historically certain departments were focused primarily on driving traffic, regardless of propensity to convert.

We completely re-architected 12 different accounts based on entirely new keyword research and ad copy alignment. The efforts were focused on these specific areas of improvement:

–    Tighter ad groups to increase ad relevance and add validity to the reporting structure
–    Increase quality scores
–    Increase clickthrough rates

Another thing we did was take multiple actions on negative keywords, bloated broad matching, and removal of keywords which had not been shown to produce profitability. We informed our partner that we were going to be increasing the average cost per click by over 100%, but in return we were cutting out low-priced and equally low-quality traffic.

There was some hesitation about reducing traffic so dramatically, but we all agreed to move forwards with this strategy.

When we launched the new accounts, we all felt confident that we were putting our best foot forward on literally hundreds of details that were suboptimal in the old accounts.

What Happened…

Within the first quarter under our management, the results were crystal clear. The additional investment in Inseev’s expertise paid enormous dividends. At the end of the first year, these numbers were speaking for themselves:

As you might expect, we have formed a long-term partnership with this university, and have expanded our services to many other areas of their digital business.

If these are the kinds of results you want to see in your own business, contact us today.

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