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  • +8,400%

    organic search visiblity


    keywords ranking in
    the top 20 position

The Situation

License Locators had a long and unsuccessful history of ranking in search engines. When they approached us in 2016 they had little to no organic traffic. Their business was flourishing but they felt they were missing an essential piece, a powerful online presence.

We put together a plan- a plan that included a new website, an SEO campaign, and a paid search revamp. Starting with a re-vitalized web presence and branching into SEM we were able to put forth a plan for an integrated campaign that not only looked to grow the profile but change the way customers viewed the business.

The Inseev Approach

What we did to help…..

After the new website was completed, we conducted a comprehensive SEO audit to understand the website, marketplace, and the keyword universe we wanted to target to increase bottom line for License Locators.

The audit surfaced a number of opportunities, and we moved forward with creating dozens of search focused pages. After cleaning up the indexation status of the site, working on page speed, and finalizing a number of other technical issues, we were ready to move forward with a full SEO campaign.

What Happened…

Within six months, the site had ten times as many page one rankings as it did at month one. Within a year, fifty times more.

After a full year of working with us, License Locators now has page one rankings for over a hundred industry relevant terms. These rankings are driving real leads every day that are contributing to License Locators’ bottom-line, and will continue to for years to come. SEO’s power comes in the longevity, unlike paid search. Turn off paid search and leads will stop coming in. Once a site is ranking, it will continue to rank, barring any major search engine updates or a shady SEO agency.

According to SEMRush, License Locators is receiving ~1,000 free visitors/month from search engines, valued at $3.3K cost in paid search. Don’t believe us? We’ll let our graphs speak for themselves:

Team Inseev scorecard

License Locators

– Organic visibility


– Keywords ranking in the top 20


Although our search results are great, we also built a website to impress. Check out the images below to see the type of design we know makes a lasting impression.


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