The Top 5 Chrome Extensions Every Link Builder Should Have

Link Building January 10th, 2017

Moz Bar: If you’re unfamiliar with Moz then I highly suggest you stop reading this article right now and head over to their website. Moz is one of the top authorities on SEO, and rightfully so. With tools such as Open Site Explorer, Followerwonk, and their Broken Link Finder, Moz has many valuable tools for SEOs of all skill levels and expertise. Domain Authority is one of the top metrics we use here at Inseev Interactive to gauge a website’s potential to affect the link graph, and the Moz bar allows one to easily see this information within webpages and SERPs alike. With additional information such as number linking root domains, total number of backlinks, and on-page SEO such as H1’s and meta descriptions, the Moz bar is the number one tool all SEOs should have. Check out last week’s blog post on Chrome keyboard shortcuts to learn how to easily turn the Moz bar on and off while browsing the web.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer: This is another tool we use here at Inseev Interactive which helps us gauge a website’s potential backlink toxicity. The way we do this is by looking at the ratio of Trust Flow to Citation Flow that Majestic has assigned to the website in question. Here’s a great video from the Majestic Team which explains what each value means.

Although this method is far from perfect, it allows us to easily assign a number for our own reports which gives us the ability to, at a glance, review a website’s potential. In general, we aim for the product of this ratio to be at 0.6 or greater.

NoFollow: Although there are several Chrome extensions that accomplish this (Moz bar), I like NoFollow as it can be set to always be on. NoFollow does as you would expect: it highlights all no-followed links on a webpage. I find this useful when vetting link targets, as I can quickly see if there are a high number of no-follow tags being used by the webmaster. Generally, one can assume that if there are many no-follow tags being used, then the probability of you gaining a do-follow link on the target page is not very high.

Google Similar Pages: I’m really happy to have found this Chrome extension, being that as I’m constantly trying different search queries, sometimes I’ll land across an amazing target page but forget exactly how I got there.

Similar Pages will find various pages that are…as you guessed it…similar to the page that you are currently on. Although it’s the same as using the related: search query within Google (see my post on Google search queries here) I like having the extension right in my browser as a constant reminder that the related: query not only exists, but is extremely helpful. My only caveat with this extension is that you cannot mousewheel click or right click > open new page the links to open them in new tabs, however you can right ctrl + left click to accomplish this.

Streak: Streak for Gmail is a multifaceted and extremely powerful CRM tool for outreach within the Gmail platform. With the ability to set reminders for follow-ups, schedule outbound messages, and see when, where, and with what device a user has opened your email, there’s not a lot that Streak can’t do. I highly recommend taking a look at Streak’s website here to see all of its capabilities and figure out how you can implement it into your outreach campaign today.

Honorable Mentions:

Below are two Google Chrome extensions that I use, however, for one reason or another I do not find them to be end-all-be-all when it comes to link building, however they are extremely helpful.

Buzzmarker: This is the official app to Buzzstream. For those unfamiliar with Buzzstream, it is a CRM service which helps to automate outreach and reporting. This extension makes it virtually seamless to add new websites to your Buzzstream database as you browse the web. What I really like about this extension is its ability to effortlessly find contact information and email addresses which are oftentimes buried by webmasters. Buzzstream is a paid service, and for this reason the Buzzmarker is not included in the initial list above.

Rapportive: This is a great Gmail extension that was showed to me by a co-worker. Having been recently purchased by LinkedIn, the professional networking site, Rapportive will display a user’s work information when their email address is entered into the To: field in an email. I find this extension especially helpful when I have to guess a contact’s email address, as Rapportive will produce a “hit” indicating that I have guessed correctly. My only issue with this extension is that sometimes it acts a little glitchy, and does not always work. For this reason, it was not included in the initial list above.


So there you have it – my top Google Chrome extensions that every link builder should have. Did I miss anything? Do you not agree with my list? Let me know down below in the comments and we can talk it out.

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