Even More Ways on How to Find Someone’s Email Address

General January 10th, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I read an article on the HubSpot blog which resonated with me – 8 Hacks to Find Anyone’s Email Address. Constantly in my day-to-day of building links for our clients am I on the hunt for current and correct contact information for the bloggers and reporters I’m looking to pitch. I found their article informative, as out of the eight strategies they listed there was only one tactic I currently employ (bullet #6 – use Rapportive). I was a little surprised to see that the other strategies I use did not make their list, and rather than leaving a lengthy comment, I decided to turn my suggestions and recommendations into their very own blog post. So in addition to HubSpot’s 8 Hacks to Find Anyone’s Email Address, here is my list of Even More Ways on How to Find Someone’s Email Address:

Google Search + Boolean Operators

How many miles is the Moon from the Earth? How long do you boil eggs for hard boiled eggs? Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day worldwide (I just Googled that), so why not first look to Google when trying to locate someone’s email address?

If the person you’re researching has a unique name, it shouldn’t be too hard to uncover a viable email address for them, especially if they’ve been published on numerous blogs and publications across the web. On the other hand, for more common and general names, it would make sense to implement Boolean Operators to help cut out some of the noise.

BuzzStream Chrome Extension

While this tactic generally only has about a 50% success rate, it is extremely quick and easy and can be done without even having to leave your current webpage. I’ve talked about BuzzStream and their Chrome extension before, as I find their platform integrates seamlessly with my outreach efforts.

While you may have searched around on a particular blog for 5-10 minutes looking for an email address but could not find anything, it’s very possible that the address is actually listed somewhere on the domain but not in a usual spot (i.e. About Us page, Contact page, etc). The BuzzStream extension auto-magically crawls the domain you’re on and identifies and imports all of the relevant contact information it can find: first and last name, email address, Facebook page URL, Twitter URL, etc. Once complete, you can easily add the contact to your BuzzStream database or copy+paste the information into a corresponding Excel spreadsheet.

Check a Media Database

If you work at a small business or are handling SEO by yourself, there’s a good probability that you currently do not have a subscription to a media database, such as Cision or Meltwater. These services can cost upward to $10,000 annually depending on your subscription level, however they are chock-full of current contact information for news publications and media outlets all around the globe.

At our office we use Cision, and while it may not be the best for finding contact information and email addresses for many of the small time mom and pop bloggers, when it comes to larger publications, this service really shines. Not only does it contain up to date email addresses and phone numbers, it also lists reporters and editors by beat and expertise.

Whois Lookup

Whois.com is a global online identity provider that aims to provide information pertaining to a domain registrant. While the domain registrant can choose to register behind a proxy, thus protecting their identity, this option comes with a nominal fee, and due to that fee, many small time bloggers do not choose to implement this service at the time of registering.

By going to whois.com you can enter in your target’s blog and search for their domain. The results may not return an email address for the person that is associated with their blog domain, however there is a very good chance that it returns one of their personal email addresses. Some bloggers may be slightly irked that their blog life has infiltrated their personal life, however by addressing their primary email address you greatly increase the chances of your message being read and responded to.

Social Media

While I generally do not find publically facing email address on LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter, I have found many contact details through Facebook. If the blog or publication you’re looking to email has a Facebook Page, try looking at their “Page Info” under the “About” tab.

In my personal experience, food, arts & crafts, lifestyle, fashion, and mommy bloggers are usually pretty good at self promoting themselves. Given this, they more often than not have their email address publicly listed under the Page Info on their Facebook Page’s About tab.

In Conclusion…

These five ways are generally how I go about locating a blogger or publisher’s current email address. And while I’m sure there are many more ways aside from this and HubSpot’s blog post, these are what immediately popped into my mind as I read their article. Now that we’ve covered 13 actionable ways to find someone’s email address, let me know down below in the comments if there’s any other tactics that have not yet been addressed.


Happy emailing!


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