Link Juice: Definition & Theory

What is Link Juice? Table of Contents 1. Link Equity (Link Juice) explained in the age of penguin 2. How does link juice work? 3. How do I get link juice? 4. How do you calculate link equity? 5. Do nofollow links pass link juice? 6. Link equity relativity 7. Link juice from authoritative websites …

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How to Earn Backlinks from Sites like Reader’s Digest, American Express and More

What is a backlink? Why do backlinks matter? Backlinking in 2021 Strategies for backlinks Strategies for backlinks from sites like AMEX, Reader’s Digest, etc. Expert quotes Educational opportunities Start a mentor program Find ways to give back to the community Wrapping up What is a backlink? If you are asking yourself this question, we recommend…

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DA vs PA: What’s the Difference & What Does Your Website Need

If you’re reading this, we’re assuming you understand the concept that backlinks build authority and authority improves organic rankings. If you aren’t familiar with this concept, check out our post, Link Juice: Definition & Theory and revisit this post once you’re done.