Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  When combined, these four social media networks service around a total of 1,954,000,000 active users per month.  And among these active users, there are potential customers across all stages of the purchase funnel, including people that have never been introduced to your company and are searching for similar products or services, all the way to the most loyal of your brand ambassadors.

Unlike most social media marketing companies, here at Inseev Interactive we understand not only the mechanics behind each individual social media platform, but also the unique strategy required to maximize your ROI within each service.  Our skilled team of social media advertising professionals works with you to define your campaign goals, and then lays out the steps necessary to accomplish these goals at the lowest cost per acquisition (CPA) to you.


Our process begins with a thorough investigation into your vertical, gaining us valuable insights into your target audience which we can then leverage throughout your social media advertising campaign via audience segmentation.  Through our use A/B split testing, in conjunction with our many years of experience in paid advertising, our social network marketing specialists are then able optimize your ad text with powerful and urgent calls to action, driving targeted visitors to your website.  Not only does this tactic of split testing work to help reach an even greater audience, it provides us with a further understanding of the behavior behind your target market, advancing our optimization efforts.

Retargeting ads, promoted tweets, pins and posts, side bar ads, sponsored updates, and whatever new term they come out with next – they all have a unique Cost Per Acquisition and fit into your digital advertising strategy differently.  Having invested thousands of hours working across a diverse set of industry sectors, our social network marketing professionals know what works, how it works, and when it works.  And with the average consumer utilizing five social media accounts per day for only twenty minutes per network, it’s important that your company be able to reach its target audience by the right method, at the right place, and at the right time.

Long gone are the days of hiring a college intern off Craigslist to manage your social media channels.  With industry focus shifting to social acquisition + social retention objectives, strategy, voice, and agility have never been more important towards maximizing your KPIs.  Our social media marketing services can convert your previously existing organic content into paid social advertisements to instantly target specific demographics, or our in-house team of copywriters and designers can produce original content to work within your current strategy.


Don’t hesitate to call us today to learn more about how we can work with you to build out a customer-tailored social media advertising strategy.