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The Bing Ad network is one of the highest ROI paid search advertising platforms available today.  Despite Google controlling a majority of the search engine market share, the Bing Ad Network is consistently gaining new users and advertisers alike.  With partnerships in place between Bing, Yahoo, and Firefox, our team of Bing Ads accredited professionals can show you how your business can tap into their network of over 51 million unique users.

With fewer total advertisers competing for the same amount of keywords on Google, our strategic and proven approach to Bing Ads management will get your business seen by people looking to purchase.  Less competition means less cost to you, and ultimately more money on your bottom line.

Through an extensive process of competitor analysis, keyword mapping, campaign optimization, and bid management, our Bing Ads managers will place your business in front of the most amounts of people at the lowest cost to you.  This proven strategy, coupled with our utilization of high level targeting and segmentation, allows us to pinpoint specific demographics from age, gender, and location to interests, behavior, and culture.

Our Bing Ads accredited professionals understand that every industry and business is different, which is why we work diligently to truly understand your market and the psychology of the people behind it.  We implement creative and actionable ad copy to drive real visitors to your website, while optimizing your landing pages to ensure these visitors convert into repeat customers for your company.

Through our implementation of conversion tracking, our Bing Ad managers are able to gain valuable insights into your customer acquisition funnel, allowing us to monitor checkouts, form submissions, phone leads, and a multitude of other custom goals designed specifically around your ad campaign.

Unlike some other Bing Ads agencies, here at Inseev Interactive we take pride in our customer satisfaction, which is why we provide comprehensive and in-depth monthly reports clearly highlighting exactly where and how your budget is being allocated.  We will never require sole ownership of your Bing Ads account and strive to work with you as a partner for your search success, rather than just another SEO vendor.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your Bing Ads management needs!

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